Exotic Non-Vegetarian Pickles of India

Vegetables soaked in vinegar or meat in brine, But in India, it’s totally different from rest of the
world, wherein veggies meat are preserved using natural ingredients and oil. The pickling
technique dates back to almost 4000 years. Although the word ‘pickle’ comes from the Dutch
word ‘pekel’, the art of pickling is believed to have originated from Asian countries. It’s
primarily a preservation technique for vegetables, fruits, herbs, and meats. Be it mangoes,
gooseberries to fish and prawns, there is a vast variety and diversity in pickles.

Though vegetarian pickles are more consumed across India there is are equal lovers of non-vegetarian pickles too. The eastern regions of India and the southern states of Kerala and Andhra
Pradesh is most well known for their delicious non-vegetarian pickles. Especially Andhra
Non-Vegetarian pickles are known worldwide for their wonderful mouth-watering taste and
aroma. Non Veg pickles of Andhra are near to taste of biryani. Fish Pickle, chicken Pickle,
mutton Pickle, pork Pickle and you cannot even imagine the array of non-vegetarian pickles
India has. Here are few non-vegetarian pickles one must know about.


Mutton pickle is made with fresh lamb/goat meat. The meat is cut into tiny pieces both boneless
and with bone are used in pickling based on the preferences. The mutton is thoroughly washed
and dried a few minutes to make it moisture free. Then the pieces are fried in hot Gingelly oil or
sunflower oil until they are cooked properly. Once the meat is properly fried spices such a
fenugreek, cumin, mustard, clove, star anise, cardamom, garlic, red chilies, coriander seeds,
black peppercorns, nutmeg, fennel, garlic and curry leaves along with few other ingredients are
added to the pickle. Then it is stored in glass or porcelain jars. Usually, the mutton pickle has a
shelf life of six to eight months.


There would be hardly any people who don’t love chicken. Freshly cut tiny pieces of chicken are
either dried or fried before adding spices and pickling it. The best chicken pickles come from the
coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad. The spicy and crunchy taste sets this pickle
apart and gives it a distinct status among pickle lovers.


Prawn and shrimp pickles are enjoyed across the world, but the pickle that impresses the Indian
Palette is prepared among the coastal regions of India. To be precise, spicy Andhra and Goan
recipes are quite famed and loved. Goan recipes use loads of mustard and vinegar, whereas
Andhra recipes are high on Guntur red a chili that gives them the spicy taste and hot potency.


Fish Pickle from Andhra is one of the most south after non-veg pickles. Different varieties of fish
such as Mackerel, Tuna, Anchovy, Sardines, Vela etc. Once the fish pieces soak and mature in
spices and vinegar that is when the pickle gets its true taste. Red chili, sliced ginger, garlic
cloves, curry leaves and a carefully chosen combination of spices and oil is what makes the fish
pickle delicious.

Non-vegetarian pickles are made out of both fresh and dried meat. All the Andhra style non-veg
pickles are made from fresh meat let it be chicken, mutton, fish or prawns. When you don’t have
time to put together a delicious non-vegetarian platter you can choose an easy option and select
one of the above non-vegetarian pickle combinations and instantly make a meal. These non-veg
pickles can satisfy your craving whenever you desire. These non-vegetarian pickles can be
bought online in places of their authentic origin. SITARA FOODS is a well-known brand from
Andhra Pradesh for homemade Non-Veg Pickles, serving customers for 3 decades.

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