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Jeera rice Recipe: How to make Jeera rice

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2 Cups Basmati Rice
1 Tsp cumin seeds
2 Tbsp Edible Oil
2-3 Dried Red chilies
2 Bay leaf
as per required Salt
1-2 mace

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Jeera rice Recipe: How to make Jeera rice


    This Jeera rice recipe is specially made for bachelors who do not have much time to cook; they can have jeera rice with some curd on the sides. It is a simple dish, in case you do not have many ingredients at home.

    • 30 minutes
    • Medium




    Jeera rice Recipe with photos, a dish which is made with plain soaked rice and some whole spices and dried red chilies. Jeera rice is commonly served with Dal tadka. Jeera rice tends to be a game changer as compared to plain rice. Plain rice is simple steamed rice, with no extra spices or any ingredient, on the other hand, jeera rice is cooked with cumin as a base and dried red chili and salt.

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    Take about 2 cups of basmati rice or any quality of rice that you are available with you. Measurement of cups also depends on servings in the meal. Though for two-three people, two cups of rice are enough.


    Now, thoroughly wash the rice and soak it for about 20-30 minutes in clean water. In the meanwhile start cooking.


    Take a kadai or an open utensil, heat it up good. Now, add 2-4 edible oil, or you can use ghee here, the taste enhances with the use of ghee and increases the aroma.


    Then, add one tsp of cumin seeds and toss for about 20 seconds. Put some dried chili and bay leaf, stir again for a while.


    And add in the soaked rice and stir well. Now add about 4 cups of water and add some salt to taste.
    Remember to add more salt, because water needs more salt.
    Now, let it come to boil and cover the lid. Cook it like usual steamed rice for about 5-10 minutes, till all the water it dries up.


    Turn off the heat for about 5 minutes more, and the jeera rice is ready to serve.
    Serve jeera rice with Dal tadka and curry recipes or simply just some curd.


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