Treat your treat the Indian way with rasam, pickles and desserts

Whenever we hear the word “treat”, what immediately flashes in our mind are friends, food and happiness.  Each place has its own specialty whereas an ideal South Indian meal encompasses traditional delicacies.

They go about like sambar, ulavacharu, poriyal, kootu, pickles and desserts which gives an ecstatic feeling when served on any occasion. It can be a routine occasion like a party, treat or grand occasion like wedding, but everywhere the highlight is food by the host.

And if you have to call it, the best food that you have ever eaten, it definitely has a list of fascinating items in it.  The recipes for these fascinations are carried forward from many generations till now like a treasure in most of the Indian families.  These treasures of Indian Cuisine are:

  • Precious Pickles,
  • Unique Ulavacharu and
  • Dazzling Dessert Pootharekulu

Precious Pickles:

Decorating the corner of the banana leaf, but occupying the kernel of a hungry person’s soul is the pickle section.  A perfect Indian meal is incomplete without a pickle.  Whether the pickle is vegetarian like the customary Mango pickle or non-vegetarian like the eccentric Chicken, Mutton, Fish or Prawn pickles; it makes you experience heaven on earth with its extravagance.

The craziness on pickles by Indians is endless and has led the Andhraites to mix a little of avakai pickle or mango pickle whilst the preparation of biriyani to name it Avakai Biriyani.

Unique Ulavacharu:

Ulavacharu made of horse gram lentils has an assertive earthy flavor which makes it a staple lentil of South Indian families.  Mostly served with fresh cream or butter layered on it making it exceptional and unique.  It not only serves as a rasam but also changes its form into a perfect soup for winter time.

This soup has a tantalizing effect on your tummy acting as an appetizer, preventing flu and also curing long-lasting cough and phlegm in both kids and adults.  Now, can you remember what your granny does to cure your cold without running to a doctor or any pharmacist?

Putting a creative cap and venturing into the process of making the foodies content, after the rasam and soup version, there is more to Ulavacharu.  A prelude of a new way of preparing biriyani is Ulavacharu biriyani.  It is nothing but the process of marinating the chicken pieces in tangy ulavacharu horsegram soup and then adding it to the biriyani rice.  Indubitably, this is the most aromatic biriyani adding a twist to the habitually made biriyani’s.  Its awesome taste is sure to haul your heart!

Dazzling Dessert Pootharekulu:

A traditional dainty dish with a heavenly taste is Bellam Pootharekulu and it is basically from the authentic culinary traits of Andhra cuisine.  It is a wafer-like sweet originating from Atreyapuram Village of Andhra Pradesh.

Undoubtedly, it seizes the spirits of everyone who tastes it!  It’s no exaggeration but a perfect paper sweet made with multiple textures of jaggery and nuts rolled in transparent rice paper adding to its richness and making it the most preferred among all desserts or sweets.

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