Answers for Organic food: why? - IELTS reading practice test

Natural & Organic Product Trends For 2022

With the negative changes in the environment in recent years, humans around the globe are paying great attention to using clean and all-natural products. The term “organic” is no stranger to us. For anyone looking to improve their overall health, this article will highlight the basics and trends of natural and organic products in 2020.

What are Organic Products?

Answers for Organic food: why? - IELTS reading practice test

Just by hearing their name, we can suppose that these products are extracted from organic ingredients without chemicals. These products will be manufactured adhering to certain production lines and processes to ensure organic standards.

The Certificate for An Organic Product

Surely anyone who cares about health will pop this question. In the world, there are many organizations with different criteria to certify that a product is derived from nature. According to the USDA certificate, the organic product will be divided into 4 main groups:

  • Organic products: contain up to 95% organic ingredients
  • True Organic: contains 100% organic ingredients
  • Products with organic ingredients: contain less than 70% organic ingredients
  • Products are made with organic ingredients: contain 70-94% of organic ingredients

Nevertheless, the Australian certificate called NASSAA has different regulations. They specify that organic products use neither chemical nor organic ingredients consisting of human genetically modified substances. This certificate will usually apply to beauty products such as cosmetics, shampoos, shower gels, and so on.

In addition, there exists many other certificates related to organic products, but USDA and NASSAA are the two widely-known certificates.

Differences Between Conventional And Organic Products

Organic vs. Conventional - what's the difference anyway?


Ingredients in organic products will be completely related to nature. Manufacturers must have a thorough study of the ingredients in their organic production line. These must ensure their nature that can be taken from animals or plants and must undergo rigorous quality control before reaching consumers.

As for conventional products, its recipes will contain chemistry synthesized from chemicals.


The applicability of organic products is also becoming more diverse in many areas such as food, cosmetics, and daily necessities. However, it still has not encouraged consumers to prefer when the price competitiveness is still lower than its counterparts.


Natural products will often have multi-ingredient, possibly fruit-extract ones like oranges, lemons, lemon essential oil, citric acid, glycerin extracted from coconut, … Needless to say, organic products clearly outperform the quality and ingredients compared to conventional products.

Natural and Organic Product Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore In 2022

  1. Organic Food – The Inevitable Health Trend

Dirty food with high antibiotic residues is one of the main causes of poisoning and danger to humans’ health. To deal with that problem, Organic food was born and has become a trend of consumers around the world.

According to studies on organic foods, organic fruits and vegetables contain more antioxidants and vitamins than conventional products, which can prevent or slow down cell damage. Meanwhile, organic milk and meat have more essential fatty acids and other important nutrients compared to traditional products. Regarding sugar products, Organic sugar is produced from high-quality sugarcane material that does not adversely affect the health of consumers.

Through market surveys, to use organic food, consumers have to pay a higher price than that of ordinary food. However, grasping the anxiety of customers, organic food suppliers have partnered with prestigious coupon sites such as CouponUpto, Couponxoo, and GoodInfoHome to offer hottest coupons, promo codes and deals. Consumers can get the best price reduction when using the price incentives on these sites.

  1. Organic Cosmetics – The General Beauty Trend of The World

What is organic cosmetics? | Vinmec

Not only does food need to be safe, but cosmetics are also one of the products that need the most attention because it directly affects our skin health.

In recent years, organic cosmetics have taken a new step to become the first choice of women when using beauty products.

Utilizing ingredients such as cucumber, aloe vera, honey, fruit extract, margarine extract, and milk, organic products from cleanser to makeup have been manufactured in a vast number.

Organic cosmetics were born as a female savior, revolutionizing the beauty industry. This trend is extremely friendly to human health because it contains at least 70% of the ingredients extracted from clean agricultural sources that are strictly certified according to organic standards. Therefore, choosing to use organic cosmetics is the smartest beauty choice at the moment!

There are also various lists of organic beauty discount codes and saving tips from trusted coupon sites for consumers to save a huge amount of money and gain good health at the same time.

  1.  Organic Canvas Bag – Trend of Environmental Protection

Personalized Tote Bag | Econscious EC8040

The spread of organic trends to the fashion field has shown just how useful these products are. Using an eco-friendly canvas bag as an alternative to plastic bags, you help reduce the amount of non-biodegradable waste that is harmful to nature.

Many stores use organic bags instead of plastic ones to store items for customers. Many fashion lovers also use unique and chic organic bags that look extremely stylish and environmentally friendly.

  1.  Organic Clothes – Safe Trend for Moms and Babies

Organic Clothing: What Goes into Making It

Awareness of organic factors’ importance in food is increasing. However, the message about the effects of the chemicals contained in clothes is not so quickly perceived even though it has hidden health risks in the long run.

The best and safest solution for children’s clothing is to use clothes with the Cotton Organic certified label.

Organic Cotton fibers are harvested from naturally grown cotton plants without the use of herbicides, pesticides or any toxic chemicals. Selecting the Organic product line means helping children to be immune to toxic chemicals contained in regular clothes.

In recent years, the trend of using organic products has spread around the globe by the benefits and health value of nature.

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